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An encounter with a new me 

Special 8 Photo-Folio Me, Myself and j-hope

'All New Hope' 


Based on j-hope's idea, 'All New Hope' was created focusing on an ambiguous interpretation of meeting a new hope and shedding light on the unseen aspects of j-hope. 


Through the contrast between light and dark, it embodies a fragile, risky existence breaking away from himself and being reborn as an irreplaceably strong existence after meeting a new hope. 


It also comes with a mini poster, a folded poster, a stamp, a photo card and a swing card, which is j-hope's special item to view the overall concept at a glance. 


Plus, a hint cut at the end of the photobook will introduce ARMY what's to come next as teh rand finale of the Photo-Folio series. 


  • The outbox is used to protect the actual product. Please note that we do not offer exchange or refund due to damages that may occur during the delivery.
  • Please note that product size and details are subject to change.
  • There may be cracks, discoloration, or color bleeding as the products are made with eco-friendly materials.
  • The plastic cover is recyclable.

Special 8 Photo-Folio : Me, Myself, and j-hope ‘All New Hope’

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